Can you say light air training? Whoa.  First of all we would like to thank The Clearwater Community Sailing Program. They have invested a lot in becoming a training facility for Paralympic class sailors, and it shows. We were educated in a new launching style for our SKUD 18, beach launching. The Ians were very good with this. We had to use a gantry to hoist up the boat and slide the launching trailer under it and then use an extension to back the trailer far enough in the the water to float. I'll be honest we were all a bit skeptical at first but they have it down, so thanks guys.
    We trained a few days before the other US SKUD team arrived, we had decent wind and when it was light it was at least fairly consistent, something we would say a lot over the two training camps. Having two boats sailing together is a great help, we are able to look closely at sail trim and see what works and what doesn't, the other boat is good in light wind so it was helpful to find our light pressure settings. We worked very hard on setups and sail tuning and most importantly being patient. We did a lot of starting drills to accentuate the importance of not stopping the boat which in light air massively important as they don't accelerate very well. This would be most of the training in Clearwater, light air speed tuning and starts. We did get some opportunity to do some light air gybes, which Cindy and Sarah rocked. All in all a great couple of training camps before heading to Europe which historically has very strong winds at the venues. Doh!


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