During the ISAF World Cup Miami the team realized that we needed to intensify our winter training schedule if we were to compete with the top tier SKUD 18 teams. We were only slightly ahead of our American teammates but off the pace for international competition. We met with Lee Icyda and planned a training camp for mid February. 
    We trained out of Shake-A-Leg Miami in Coconut Grove, and were supported by USSTS with a RIB to use as a coach boat. We took the lessons learned from the SWC, and trained in our deficiencies. We had splendid conditions giving us an opportunity to train in light air and heavy winds. We even had a starting practice with Olympic Team member Phil Toth in his Finn. A great time, he gave us some valuable insight on some of our control systems over coffee after sailing.
   We packed up Søren in preparation for the trip to Clearwater where we will join the other U.S. SKUD 18 Team for joint training camps. As always thanks to all of our sponsors, supporters and friends and family.



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