A new direction.  There is a saying that you can't change the wind but you can adjust your sails. Well we have trimmed in and are heading up. This fall our focus is getting the new team communication down and getting our modifications for the boat in order. These always seem to be changing, as we want to improve them constantly. First we are concentrating on Cindy's seating position, as she is the engine of the boat and really has a lot to do.
    Having the team live so close together is a huge benefit, we are able to sail on a more consistent basis and has been a lot easier to organize a regular training program. Newport in the fall is a beautiful place to sail, we are familiar with the water and it made the new transition much easier. Mostly we have been working on boat handling and communication through maneuvers.
    After the training in Newport we were approached by our phenomenal supporters from Total Boat - Jamestown Distributors, asking us if it would be beneficial to train on the Sakonnet River. With a very strong current and shifty winds we thought that it would be a great idea. Mike and Nina Mills hooked us up with the Tiverton Yacht Club and they were gracious enough to give us prime dock space to train from. Mike supplied his RIB as a support boat, and we were off. It's not often we get to train in our own zip code so it was a treat. It was also a great pleasure to educate the members of the yacht club that had great questions about what we were doing, we made some great new friends.  Thanks to all who came down and sailed with us, Kay, Mike, Brad etc... We can't do it without all of your help.  Cheers.


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