So let me apologize first. It has been too long between posts, and  since we are in fall I am turning a new leaf. Most think of springtime as the fresh renewal and a new start. Well for Good Karma Racing it has been this fall. After the most recent World Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia we had an epiphany.  Although the U.S. team as a whole sailed well enough to capture a spot to sail in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio it was obvious we were behind the curve.

Good Karma Racing came to the realization that to win a Gold medal at the games was going to require much more on and off the water training, Cindy agreed and now is sailing on the Good Karma Racing Team. With local support they have been training intensively in Narragansett Bay and on the Sakonett River, already realizing the benefits of living in such close proximity of your teammate. We have had some great days out on the water in many different conditions. We will be thanking our friends in more detail in later posts, but like I said it has been too long already.



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