So the rest time is almost over!  The boat is due back from Ireland this week. Now the hard work really starts!  Miami OCR is the next event; although it is January we have to get our team to the next level and quickly. Ireland was enlightening to say the least. Thanks to Adrian Finglass, coach extraordinaire we have some great ideas for new systems to make life easier for Gerry on the boat.  We also realized we are behind the world in our seating systems. Ours are too low in the boat and not optimized for our skipper/crew needs. Lastly and absolutely the most critical, the team needs a new boat. We need a new hull to be specific. Unfortunately after the 2008 Paralympics they changed the construction of the hull. This made it stiffer, more hydrodynamic and ultimately faster (by a lot).  This is obviously the biggest issue our team has right now.  Seats and systems are the “small” tweaks we need, the hull is an absolute game changer. It will be impossible to compete at a high level if we cannot get a new hull.

So this is where we need to build our team! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Most other international sailing authorities will purchase equipment for their national teams. Boats, seats, sails etc… Ours does not, they are excellent in providing logistical support and everything we get is appreciated. To achieve our goal in competing at the highest level of international competition we need to raise around $100,000.  This includes a new boat, sails, travel expenses,  regatta/training costs etc… This will help us to the next IFDS World Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia next year.

Time is of the essence. How can you become part of the team? We obviously will benefit most from monetary donations, so we can purchase the equipment (Hull, Sails, Seats).  We can also benefit greatly from donated airline miles, hotel points and gift cards, anything to help. We are looking forward to growing our Team, thank you again for all of your support. We won the National Title, now let’s get the World!



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