So I am finally posting about the end of the worlds in Kinsale! What an event! The hosts and hostesses were second to none, we had a fabulous time at Kinsale Yacht Club and the town of Kinsale was incredibly welcoming. So the last day of racing was bittersweet, finally conditions "normal" to the region we were stoked to sail. Sarah and Gerry after firming international relations with the Italian team of Marco Gualandris, Marta Zanetti were sailing with a full rig. The first race was sweet, sailing very well around the course handling the big breeze like pros. Then to pound home the lesson that sometimes it is not your time 200 yards from the finish on the last gybe into the finish the spinnaker halyard snapped! Ugghh! Again we have something to learn! They salvaged a 7th out of the race and nobody panicked. We spoke to a boat with the race committee and asked if their intention was to race 3 races and they told us that it was. So we went into a place called Safety Harbor. What a beautiful place! We would have never seen this small bit of Ireland had it not been for our unfortunate circumstances. We dropped the rig and replaced the spinnaker halyard tied to this old fishing boat. Rig down spinnaker halyard run rig back up and spinnaker hoisted and tested in under 40 minutes! The races last about 55 or so, so we had enough time to make the start! Well unfortunately they decided not to run a 3rd race. So we were out of luck. So we finished the regatta tied for 7th and lost the tiebreaker, disheartening considering the amount of work that went on to get to the end of the regatta. Being true to our belief of good karma we had lent our time, energy and equipment to bolster the US Team. We learned a ton during this great week of racing and will take the lessons that we learned from an absolutely outstanding human being Adrian Finglas. He is an incredibly amazing coach who went above and beyond his duties as "coach" and with a positive and infectious attitude kept the US team on the water so that we could at least compete on the world stage of paralympic sailing. So now we charge ahead with our new found knowledge and attack the next events on our schedule. I am going to post a few more pictures of the fun that was had.

Cheers! To all of you who support us!



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